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Limitation of Liability of the company

The company seeks with this website to contribute to informing the public about its activities by providing as timely and accurate information as possible.

However, it is possible that the information published on this website (including but not limited to texts, photographs, graphics) may be inaccuracies or typographical errors or that official documents may not be faithfully re-replicated. Only those documents published in the printed Official Journal of the European Union, in the printed sheet of the Government Gazette and in other means of documentation published in paper form shall be authentic.

All information published on this website is of a general nature and is not offered to deal with specific circumstances concerning specific natural or legal persons or constitute advice from a specialist professional or legal advice.

Therefore, the company is not responsible for inaccuracies or errors, nor does it guarantee, inter alia, the completeness or accuracy of the information contained on this website or their suitability for specific use. In addition, the company is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this website or any information contained therein.

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Personal Data Protection Policy

The processing of personal data shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council and the applicable Greek legislation on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

Whenever you visit our website, some information is stored, such as the IP address (Internet Protocol), the date and specific website you visited, the type of browser you use and the operating system of your computer. Information collected in this way is not interconnected with your personal data, is anonymized and is used solely on an aggregated basis for security reasons and only on an aggregated basis for statistical purposes.

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Cookies are very small information text files that are used by browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) and help improve the experience of using the website.

More specifically, this website uses “cookies” of functionality that improve the experience of using the website. These “cookies” do not collect information about visitors that could be used for promotional purposes or to remember the websites they have browsed the web. However, there are Cookies that the company collects which have more information which always with the knowledge and assent of the user that their company uses either for commercial/advertising purposes or to confirm user information for greater security with regard to its services.

The user has the option to accept or not the “cookies”. However, in case of non-acceptance of “cookies” the visitor of the website will not have access to the correct and complete display of part of the content of the website that makes use of these services, especially in areas where third party web services are used in which the company has no jurisdiction.

In addition, this website uses third-party online services (e.g. YouTube, Google Maps, Google Custom Search) that may use “cookies”.

For example, when a Web page includes a video file, the YouTube service may store “cookies” related to the use of the file. If the visitor has chosen not to accept cookies then the use of the YouTube service will be disabled and the video file will not be shown to the visitor. Although the company has taken the necessary technical measures to minimize the use of “cookies” by third-party network services, it does not have the authority to control and eliminate their use.

The company does not request personal information from its visitors during the simple navigation of the content of its website. (use of simple users and not representatives or users who are affiliated with the company)

The use of any contact form requires contact details intended solely for the direct communication of the company with the individual user. The above information is not given to third parties and is not used for any purpose other than that for which it was provided.

Security User/Visitor 

The company is making every possible effort, but without guaranteeing this, to take security measures to protect its website from viruses and other malware. However, it cannot guarantee that its website will be free of any other malicious software or viruses, as a result of which it will not be liable for any damage that may be caused to any user or its equipment for the above reasons. Each user connects to this website only on their own initiative and is solely responsible for having the appropriate equipment and ways to protect it from viruses and other malware.

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User/visitor behavior

The use of the company’s website www.dog-pi.gr must be only for legal purposes and in a way that does not restrict or prevent the use by third parties. Visitors/users of the website must comply with the rules and regulations of Greek, European and International Law and the relevant legislation governing telecommunications and refrain from any illegal and abusive behavior that may affect other visitors/users and cause damage or malfunction to the website and consequently to the company itself. In case the company is involved in any dispute or is called upon to pay third parties any kind of compensation, for reasons due to the breach of the visitor/user’s obligations, the visitor/user is obliged to compensate the company in full for this reason.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

The content of the company’s website, including indicative and not restrictive, trademarks, distinctive titles, texts, news, photographs, images, services provided, belong exclusively to the company itself and are governed by all relevant national and international provisions on Intellectual and Industrial Property, with the exception of the protected rights of third parties, “ex: Company’s Providers and its Representatives”. Finally, all or partial modification, publication, republishing of the company’s data without its prior consent to and from other Websites, transmission, transfer, reproduction, distribution, presentation or in any way or for commercial or other purposes.

You may connect to the company’s website via third-party websites only if such a link is the only item displayed on the screen and certainly not within a window of another website.

Policy change

The company has every right to amend this policy, at any time it deems it necessary either due to a change in the legislation or due to a change in its policy.