Warning for shop owners / Users


Dog Payment Institution S.A. not asks you ever and by any mean your code they are personal and should not be disclosed to any one 

Choose and store your passwords so that they are not retracted from others.

Use the connection only through the web site of the Dog Payment Institution and no via links (links) to other sites, search engine or e-mail. 

Don’t attempt to login through a computer not certified by Dog Payment Institute.

  • Do not disclose confidential information to anyone;
  • NEVER send “trial” or “educational” transactions;
  • NEVER do not execute a transaction without having previously collected cash,
  • Do not process any transactions unless the customer is present in your store;
  • If it is perceived to be a suspicious transaction which needs further investigation
  • Send the wire transfer marked “SPCS”
  • Send an internal email to the Customer Service with customer code, customer history, reason for suspected behavior, etc.
  • Telephone communication with Customer Service


For any questions or problems please contact the company’s divisions such customer.service@dog-pi.gr Customer Service or AML Officer aml.officer@dog-pi.gr