Warning for system users

Many consumers daily choose our company’s “money transfer” services to send funds to their friends or loved ones.

Beware, however, if you send money and disclose remittance details to someone you do not know personally, you may fall victim to fraud and misappropriation of these remittances. Our company is very careful and places great value on the customers who use its services, therefore, we remind you to be very careful and protect yourself in every way possible for the remittance information and the money you send.

Be extremely careful when you are asked to send money e.g:

  • for purchases from internet sites or auctions
  • “car/machine/object” that you have not seen
  • as an advance payment of tax or commission for lottery winnings you have not entered
  • for an investment opportunity
  • as payment for goods or services before you receive them
  • for a cash refund to a check writer to a person you met online who has an emergency


* The above list is illustrative.

If you believe you have been a victim of fraud and wish to make a complaint or request further information you can call us at +30 210 3005800 or contact the agent where you made the transaction or email Customer Service (customer.service@dog-pi.gr) or the AML Compliance Officer (aml.officer@dog-pi.gr).