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Our vision is to give you the opportunity to choose which money transfer company is right for you.

You don’t have only one choice… you have many.

Professional Money Services

Our branch network of prime commercial across Europe provides a full range of retail money transfer services.

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Simple Procedure

Did you get tired of asking and searching in different money transfer shops for prices and exchange rate differences? Dog Payment Institution S.A. has the solution for you!

You just choose

Visit one of our representatives and choose the company you want to send money, without having to visit every representative of another company to find out prices or exchange rate differences! The procedure is simple. Inform our Representative the Country, the Amount and the service you want and in 2’, you will be informed about the cost and exchange rate for more than one company.

Many sending Options

The philosophy of our company is simple. Every company that works with us, updates the prices directly through our application and you choose which company you wish to be served with. In the end it’s simple, YOU don’t have only one choice, you have MORE!

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In 10”, you will receive offers from our 4 partners.
You’re not alone anymore… you have more than one choice.