Regulatory Compliance

The Company Dog Payment Institution Payment S.A. is a payment institution and has received a license from the Bank of Greece to provide payment services “remittances” in Greece and the ability to cooperate with similar capital transfer companies. The company is supervised by the Bank of Greece and has the obligation to control and evaluate the transactions carried out through its network in accordance with the provisions of law 4557/2018 and the current provisions and decisions of its Banking and Credit Committee. Bank of Greece (NTUA), regarding the Prevention and Suppression of the Legalization of Revenues from Illegal Activities (Washing of “Dirty” Money) and the Financing of Terrorism.

  • Money laundering or “dirty” money laundering are actions that seek to cover up illegal capital.
  • Terrorist financing is the action that seeks to capitalize on third parties for the purpose of terrorism.


The Company, recognizing the risks of money laundering / terrorist financing activities / crime activities, as well as theirpotential consequences, the importance of combating financial crime and taking into account the recommendations of the Financial Action Financial Action Task Force “FATF” and from the current regulatory framework, has established and implemented a policy to prevent the use of its services to legalize revenues from criminal activities and terrorist financing. The Representatives of Dog Payment Institution S.A. apply the rules and policies of the Company following the prescribed procedures and conducting transactions through the secure information systems of the Company. The Company’s information systems are suitable to provide timely and reliable information regarding the control of the clientele and transactions, based on the lists issued by various Authorities of persons or entities subject to restrictive measures.