Terms and conditions of money transfer

Electronic money transfer (Remittance) services are provided by Dog Payment Institution A.E. (hereinafter “company”)

The company is headquartered in 119, Panormou Street 11524 Ampelokipoi-Athens and licensed from the Bank of Greece, which is the supervisory authority. The company, in collaboration with providers of electronic money transfer, provides the Services of electronic money transfer.

By filling out the “Send Money” form or the “receive Money” form, providing the money to send or receive and proof of your identity as required and signing the form of sending or receiving or the form that we email you, you have indicated that you agree to the transfer of the funds. Before confirming the transfer of money, you are informed about the time of execution of the transaction / transfer, the commission you are charged and the exchange rate applied by the company in the transaction, through the electronic system of the company that is updated with your details by the Representative of the Company such as that used in this particular money transfer transaction. The sender must notify the receiver of the transfer of money, including the full name and the surname of the sender, the country of dispatch, the name and the surname of the receiver, the approximate amount and the secret “Reference Number” and any other terms or requirements that may apply required by the Company’s Representative store.

The legislation prohibits the Payment Institutions working with specific individuals and countries. The company and its suppliers are required to carefully monitor all transactions and compare them with lists of names provided to them by the governments of the countries and regions in which they operate, and the European Union, including the US Department of the Treasury (OFAC). If a possible name agreement is observed, the company investigates the transaction to see if the name is actually the same as the person listed. Occasionally, customers are asked by the company or the company’s dealer to provide additional evidence of their identity and other information that may delay or cancel transactions. This is a legal obligation for all transactions performed by the company. 

Terms of payment and liability

The transaction is made to the person indicated by the company through its providers. The company and the recipients of delivery / return of the remittances consider that the recipient is entitled to collect after examining the evidence of his identity. There is a possibility that the company or the cashiers will ask for more information about the recipient or the sender. The recipient is required to provide the details of the transaction required by the company to fulfill the transaction is the secret transaction number (reference number), the amount of money you are transferring, the name and surname of the sender and the country from which the order was sent. The company as well as the cooperating providers have fulfilled their obligation to you if the amount transferred has been paid to the person or to the bank account requested by the sender with all the details of the transaction as requested and certified his identity as a recipient who was named by you, through the identification document (receipt). Collaborating Providers of the Company examine the details of the transaction referred to by the recipient and the type of identity displayed with due care and may refuse payment if there is any doubt as to the authenticity of the identification document or the deposit in a particular Bank account.

You are required to ensure the accuracy, completeness and readability of the information you provide to the Company or the Dealer. In addition, you should make sure that persons other than the recipient do not become aware of the information related to the transfer of money, such as e.g. your name or the name of your recipient, the secret transaction number (Reference Number) or the amount of money transferred. The company recommends that you transfer money only to people you know. The company does not provide any warranty for the provision or properties of products or services paid for using the Service or the individuals you have selected to send the money. 

In case you believe that your transaction details have been stolen or copied or your recipient has cheated, contact the company immediately. Before reporting such a loss, theft or misuse, you are only responsible if:

  • You have forwarded the details of the transaction to persons other than the recipient, which has contributed to the misuse or
  • You did not immediately report loss, theft or improper use or
  • You acted with the intention of cheating, with deceit or gross negligence or
  • Your recipient has cheated.


Receive transfer restrictions “receive transaction”

The company may refuse to accept or even return the money if it justifiably believes that: with the execution of your instructions there is a possibility of violation of any law, regulation, code or other obligation or duty that applies to the company, with the execution of Your instructions may be subject to prosecution or criminal prosecution or any other relevant measure by any government authority or regulatory body, or the execution of your instructions may be related to the commission of fraud or other illegal activities. For any reason you can contact the company’s customer service or its Representative and they will try to inform you in accordance with the law (unless prohibited) on the reasons for the refusal and how you can correct any errors resulting in the denial of the company’s services.

The company bears no responsibility if it breaches this contract due to abnormal and unforeseen circumstances beyond its control in which it is not possible to avoid breach of this contract despite efforts to the contrary. The company is not responsible for any damage caused by force majeure, political unrest, war delays or workers’ mobilizations, strikes, strikes, pandemics or orders from government authorities damage to telecommunications lines, problems with connected systems or networks, mechanical failure or problems in data processing or other events other than the control of the company or our obligations under Greek or European Community law. You must call or contact the company in writing by registered mail or contact the dealer from whom you sent the money without fault if you find that the transaction did not take place in the proper way or the amount never reached its destination. You will not be refunded if you have been unjustifiably late to notify the company of the problem and in any case, in any case if you inform after the lapse of 12 or more months after the money has been sent. The maximum amount of the company’s liability to you is the amount you sent plus the fee you paid in each case. The company is not liable for any damages caused by accident, indirect, special or incidental damage or costs incurred as this agreement is entered into with you as a consumer, any business losses or costs (such as lost business profits) or lost opportunities. You should also take seriously the warnings about fraud on the company’s website or other websites that report fraud and follow any relevant instructions. If you ask the company to pay someone who later becomes known to have cheated you or violate your obligations to you, the company, its agents and providers are not liable as a result. A person who is not a party to this Agreement does not acquire any rights under the Contract Law (Third Party Rights) of 1999 or any other way of forcing the performance of this Agreement. No provision of this Convention shall limit the liability of the Company in the event of fraud or gross negligence on its part, nor does it preclude or limit the liability of the Company to the extent that it is unable to exclude or limit it in view of existing legislation.

The company is not responsible if you intentionally or negligently disclose information related to the transaction to persons other than the recipient.

The Company and its Dealers do NOT accept credit cards or anything else through payments and only receive or return cash. The company receives or pays only in euros. Also, neither the Company nor its Representatives or its affiliated Providers are liable for any damage that may be caused to the recipient by non-payment, which is due to collection of payment by the company or its representatives or cooperating providers in any other form of payment other than cash or for damage which may be caused to the recipient by the fact that the transfer of money may take place only when the Company or its Representatives or cooperating Providers have the ability to redeem the specific payment. The Company or its Representatives or its partner Providers may refuse to provide their services to any person without justifying their decision in order to prevent fraud, money laundering or terrorist financing or to comply with any applicable law, court order or requirement of any regulatory or governing principle.

The amounts are available for collection by the recipient no later than the end of the next business day after the day on which the company or its representatives received the amount of money transferred and the transaction costs (“Receipt Date”), according to legislative and regulatory regulations.

For money transfers issued in printed form, this period is extended for another working day. For:

  • Transfers of money that take place outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”) or
  • Money transfers which include more than one currency conversion between the euro and another currency of one of the non-eurozone Member States of the European Union or the EEA or
  • Possible cross-border transfer of money not made in euros, the money will be available for collection by the recipient, no later than the end of the third business day from the date of receipt.

Ordinary money transfers are usually available for payment within minutes, unless you choose Services such as (24 hours Delivery) where cash is available for collection by the recipient within 24 hours of sending the money respectively. There may be delays or the Services may not be available under certain transaction conditions, including the amount sent, the country of destination, the availability of the currency, regulatory regulations, identification requirements, hours of operation of the Representative Representatives and Providers, the differences in time zones, or the option to delay the transfer of money. Additional restrictions may apply if the company is not aware of the shipment or receipt in specific countries.

You must be an adult to use the company’s services. Applicable law prohibits money senders from doing business with certain individuals and countries and the company will not provide the Service to these individuals and countries.

As for the transaction costs as well as the charges that you have to pay to the company for the provision of the services, as well as the details for the conversion / transaction that are in force, you can find them in the dealer’s store or through its website of the company www.dog-pi.gr before the transaction. Usually money transfers are made in the currency of the destination country (in some countries the payment is only available in a different currency). The exchange rate is calculated approximately and the specific exchange rate is calculated at the time when the money transfer has been confirmed in the company’s system. The currency is converted at the current exchange rate of the company and its providers. The company calculates its exchange rate based on the commercially available interbank exchange rates of its providers plus a profit margin for itself. Most exchange rates are determined several times during the day. To the extent permitted by law, the company may deduct a management fee. 

The receiver may be charged an additional fee if he chooses to receive the sender’s money in a bank account in the destination country. The company bears no responsibility to the consignor or consignee or any account holder for any charges, exchange rates for conversion into non-local currency, transactions or receipts of destination providers or intermediary financial service providers and local banking or other banks from money transfers not paid within one year (365 days) from the date of transaction.

Cancellation and refund

You can cancel the transaction at a dealership of the company. You can also contact the company by calling +30 210 3005800 or by sending an email to customer.service@dog-pi.gr with the indication cancellation and you will be given relevant instructions on how you can cancel the transaction, if the payment to the recipient has not been completed. After the cancellation, the company will refund the full amount of the money transfer, deducting the shipping costs provided for the service offered. Refunds usually take up to 10 business days. You can request a refund of the principal amount of the money transfer by sending a registered letter to the company’s offices or e-mail to the company or requesting the cancellation of the transaction from the store of the Company’s Representative from whom you sent the (order) if the payment to the recipient has not been completed within 60 days. The company will reimburse the transaction costs upon your written request by registered letter to the company’s offices, or by e-mail, the application from the dealer from where the transfer took place if the payment to the recipient has not been completed within the time limit as specified without prejudice to the fact that the delay is not due to conditions beyond the control of the company or its representatives, or its providers, such as regulatory requirements, bad weather or telecommunications faults. The refund/cancellation/payment of certain money transfers may be delayed as a result of the application of applicable laws. If a transfer has not been made in the proper way or the amount has never reached its destination, the company will investigate the case to find out where the money ended up (and will call you or notify you in writing of the results of the investigation) if this is requested. In cases where there was an error in the recipient’s details, the company will make a reasonable effort to recover the money on your behalf. None of the company’s services require you or the recipient to have a “deposit” or a deposit account (or any other company assisting in the transfer, other than the receiving bank in the event of money being sent to an account) at any time. This contract is governed by Greek and European law (and in terms of the company’s relations and dealings with you in view of the conclusion of this agreement), and will contact you in Greek or English if deemed necessary. 


The company considers it its duty to provide the best possible services to you at all times. In case you are not happy with its services, please contact the company as soon as possible. For full details on the complaint submission process or advice, you can visit the company’s website and send an email or contact the company’s address by mail (recommended) that you will find posted on its website. www.dog-pi.gr 

For any complaint or in case you believe that an error has occurred or you have a question about the services, please contact the customer service of the company or contact the dealer from where you made the transfer. The company will review your request and keep you informed of its progress. The company will send you a certificate of receipt of your complaint within 5 working days from the day your complaint is received. This certificate will contain the date of receipt of your request and in addition the reference number of the complaint code, which should be used in all your further communications with the company and it will send you the final reply letter within 8 weeks of receiving your complaint either by registered mail or by using the email you provided. If you do not receive the final response from the company after 8 weeks or if you are not happy with it, you may be able to address this issue to an independent complaint management body. Indicatively, if you are not satisfied with the decision proposed by the company, you have the right to submit your complaint to the General Secretariat for Consumer Affairs or the Consumer Ombudsman, Alexandras Avenue, number 144, 14471, Athens, Greece, tel. 2106460862, 2106460814, fax: 2106460414, email: grammateia@synigoroskatkatanaloti.gr, site: http://www.synigoroskatkatanaloti.gr

“For details of your rights please see the relevant complaint procedure”

Information we collect about you

When you use the company’s services, communicate with it or participate in the company’s lottery programs or customer loyalty cards, the company collects personal information about you (as defined in this form / in the online application forms) and may use them along with other information collected or created during your transactions with it. The company collects your personal information, information about money transfers, bill payments, participation in the company’s customer loyalty programs, previous use of its services and marketing options. In order to make a money transfer, you are required to provide the information required to carry out the transfer in order for the company to comply with the legal obligations related to money transfer. If you do not provide the required personal information, the company will not allow you to transfer money. In addition to your personal information, the company also collects personal information from the person to whom you are sending and / or receiving money, as well as from its representatives, its service providers, its business partners, identity verification companies, fraud and risk management, law enforcement agencies and commercial and public data sources.

The company uses the information it collects from you for the following purposes:

Providing our services to you

For this purpose, the use of personal information required for the transfer of money and the provision of products and services to you as required by the contracts that the company has with you is included.

Legal purposes and compliance purposes

For these purposes, the use of your personal information for compliance with regulatory and legal obligations (Know your customer “KYC”) is included, such as the legalization of income from illegal activities and the fight against terrorist financing. This includes using your personal information to validate and verify your identity, as well as the use of third parties to help the company achieve them.

Legal business purposes

The company uses your personal information to analyze and improve the quality, speed and efficiency of its products, locations, services, support and processes, to perform the necessary administrative procedures to provide its services, as well as to help her manage the risks associated with security, fraud and identity, including the detection, prevention and prosecution of fraud and theft, as well as for the prevention of illegal or prohibited use of its services. The company conducts and analyzes the information it maintains for a better understanding of its customers and their transactions, including the analytical elements that help it adapt to marketing, personalize its products and services to help it anticipate needs and needs. your requirements, as well as for managing the company’s commitment program.

Cases in which we have your permission

In case where you have given your permission to the use of your personal information by the company for a specific purpose or activity. Depending on your options according to the current legislation and the contact details you provide, the company may send you marketing messages and offers via email, phone, mail, SMS, social media and other communication channels.

Possible disclosure of your personal information

If there is a reasonable need to do so for any of the above purposes, the company will disclose your personal information to the following types of organizations or agencies: business partners, who facilitate the services or transaction you requested, service providers, agencies payment processors, banking partners and data processing agencies with whom we have entered into a contract for the provision of business services or customer service, including customer satisfaction research, service providers and data processing agencies with whom we have entered into a contract to help us verify the accuracy of the information provided by you, as well as to verify the identity your security and risk management related to security, fraud and identity. The company will also disclose your personal information worldwide as required or permitted under applicable laws and regulations to regulators and financial authorities, law enforcement agencies, courts, governments or government agencies, in order to meet compliance and legal obligations or to defend the rights and interests of the company or others.

Transfers to Third Countries “International Transport”

The company may transfer your information to providers located in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA), including, for example, the United Kingdom, the United States or other countries, as required by applicable law, regulators, and enforcement agencies of law and government agencies. In addition, when you send or receive money from or from another country, the company will be asked to disclose some or all of your personal information in that country as required or permitted by applicable law. Some personal information about you is processed in the company’s data center in order to fulfill its legal obligations and compliance obligations regarding the services it provides. Your personal information is made in Greece and is protected by appropriate contractual clauses or other organizations approved by Greece and the EU, as required by law.

Maintain personal information

Your personal information is kept in accordance with the legally established time limits contained in the regulations applicable to financial transactions, including those for the legalization of proceeds from illegal activities, the fight against terrorist financing and other laws applicable to the company. Otherwise, the company will retain your information only for as long as it takes for the specific purposes for which it was collected, to resolve any questions you may have, or for as long as it takes to protect or defend it its legal status.

Your rights

You have the right to know if the company is processing your personal information and to request a copy of your information free of charge. You have the right to request a copy of certain information that you have provided to the company for purposes for which you have given your consent or where required by the company using them. The company may charge you a reasonable fee for providing the information, or may not take any action regarding your request if the request is manifestly unfounded or excessive. You have the right to terminate our sending of marketing messages to you. You have the right to request that information about you be corrected, which is incomplete, inaccurate or uninformed. You have the right in some cases to request the deletion of certain information about you, the restriction of certain uses of your information and also, in cases where our use is intended for business purposes, to oppose some of their uses. In cases where you have consented to the processing of your personal information, you have the right to withdraw your consent whenever and however you wish. When the company receives a request, you may be asked for additional information to verify your identity. To exercise these rights, contact either the company at the phone numbers you will find at the end of this document as well as the emails provided to you. The company will try to respond to your request within 5 business days from the date of receipt of your request, but may be entitled to extend this period in some cases. 

The company will comply with your request to the extent required by applicable law. If you have a complaint about the way you respond to this request in accordance with this section or the way the company manages your personal information, you can file a complaint in writing to the DPO Data Protection Officer at dpo @ dog-pi.gr. The company will investigate your complaint and will reply in writing that the request was received no later than 5 business days and usually within 30-45 days of receipt there will be an answer to your question.

If you are not satisfied, you can file a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority www.dpa.gr. These terms and conditions are governed by Greek law and any dispute will be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent Greek court of Athens.

Corporate data / contact details


Main Offices 119, Panormou Street, 11524 Ampelokipoi, Athens.  Customer Service Department: +30 210 3005800, Monday to Friday 9 am – 17:00 Email: info@dog-pi.gr  customer.service@dog-pi.gr  dpo@dog-pi.gr  Website: www.dog-pi.gr.  

The regulatory framework governing the operation of Dog Payment Institution Unipersonal S.A.

We are a “payment institution” authorised and regulated by the Bank of Greece in Greece. The Bank of Greece’s register can be found at http://www.bankofgreece.gr/Pages/el/Supervision/SupervisedInstitutions/default.aspx  

Separate Agreements

Dog Payment Institution S.A. offers both different and from different providers to the recipients, each under a different contract. Dog Payment Institution S.A. charges separately for these services and will use an exchange rate of its choice if and when there is a question of changing currency.