Cookies Policy

The company under the name “DOG PAYMENT INSTITUTION MONOPROSOPI S.A. located at 19 Panormou 19, 11524, Athens, Athens, with tel. 210 3005800 with e-mail address and which is legally represented, hereby informs you about the use of cookies on its website.

In particular, the Cookies Policy explains what cookies are and how we use them on our website.


Cookies are files containing small amounts of data, which are used as anonymous unique identifiers. Cookies are sent to your browser by the websites you visit and are installed in the internal memory of your device.

Each web browser uses separate categories of cookies, which contain anonymous information in relation to the websites you visit and the devices you are using at the time.

Cookies are used to make it easier for you to browse websites, to store your preferences and to improve the services provided to you.


You can accept (consent) to the installation of cookies separately for each category, through the panel that appears at the beginning of your visit to our website.

We also remind you that your web browser may or may not accept cookies automatically, depending on the settings you maintain on it. If you do not want cookies to be installed, you can change the relevant settings. Usually through the settings or options field in your browser and then through the privacy and security settings, you can prevent the installation of cookies on your terminal device from the outset. In this case, you may not be able to use all the functions of our website.

With the exception of strictly necessary cookies (as explained below), all other categories of cookies are installed on your terminal device with your consent. 

We use the following categories of cookies on our website:

  1. Essential cookies (e.g. for the identification and/or preservation of content entered by the subscriber or user during a session on a website throughout the duration of the specific connection, such as the “shopping cart”, for the connection of the subscriber or user to services that require authentication, for the security of the user, for the realization of the load balancing technique on a connection to an internet website, for the preservation of the user’s choices regarding the presentation of the website, e.g. language selection, etc.).
  2. Performance cookies to obtain information about traffic and the way users browse
  3. Analysis cookies
  4. Advertising cookies

For the installation of performance, analytics, advertising or any other category other than the necessary cookies and before this occurs, we ask for your consent through an explicit and active choice.


You can delete cookies through the relevant panel that appears on your screen. Alternatively, you can delete all cookies via your browser (clear data option or similar depending on the browser). 


Our company will amend the Cookies Policy periodically in order to meet its legal obligations and the actual functioning of cookies. We advise you to visit it from time to time in order to remain informed about the relevant issues.


This text was updated on 01/03/2022