Process of Cancelation/Refund

Cancel / Refund

To cancel or Refund your transfer, you need to visit the specific Dog Payment Institution S.A. representative service point where you made your transfer.
In cases of inability to access or change location from the area where you sent the money transfer order, you are required to contact Dog’s Payment Institution S.A. customer service to give you relevant instructions regarding the cancellation of the transfer. The amount returned to you is the initial amount you selected to send. The refund of charges / fees depends on the selected service and the reason of the cancellation.

How long takes to receive the amount after the cancelation / refund process

The amount canceled / refunded (including charges / fees) depends on the service selected and the reason for the cancellation / refund.

Cancel payment / Refund

For any change, cancellation, refund, payment must be approved by the organization to which you have instructed to send the money and based on their own policies and schedules. Dog Payment Institution S.A. cannot guarantee a refund after the payment is made.
Information on how to contact the company can be found on the company’s website