Customer Acceptance Policy

Most of the company's customers are passing customers who can be either residents of Greece or the European Union or a third country who are in urgent need of using the company's services. The company implements the policy of checking and verifying the identity of the customer before the completion of the transaction by KYC "Know your customer". Remittances and those above a certain amount are subject to different monitoring procedures. Customers of the company whose name coincides or resembles the names mentioned in the lists of the European Commission, decisions of the UN Security Council and O.F.A.C. (Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control), as well as catalogs with the names of unwanted persons or Politically Reported Persons (PEPs) who have been trained and notified to the company, does not allow to use company’s services. Possible customers who do not present their IDs or are not cooperating are not allowed to use the company's services. "The company has the right to refuse to perform its services." Customers whose transactions have been repeatedly reported by the company, the company have the right to refuse the transaction and its services.