About Us

Dog Payment Institution Single Member (S.A.)

is a Payment Institution licensed by the Bank of Greece on 07/2022!

Our Board of Directors has over 20 years of experience in money transfer services.

The philosophy and effort of this new company is the ability to interconnect multiple global payment networks into a single platform, resulting in direct customer service not from a single company but from many at the same time from one Agent!

More than one electronic money transfer company from one Agent benefit both parties.

1) The Customer is able to choose and compare the services he is going to receive IMMEDIATELY without having to spend valuable time.

2) The Agent serves the Customer with more than one service and this results in a greater chance of making a sale!

For us, the most important value is that the customer can find the best possible price/service ratio and our Agent has the ability to serve its customers with a wider range of services.

Our Priorities

To meet the needs of our customers through our Agents

The development of our dealers through multiple customer service options (cross selling)

The safe, fast and prompt service of our customers