Money Transfer Services


Money Transfer Services

Knowing Dog Payment Institution S.A. money transfer service

Process of money transfer service

Visit one of the cooperating Dog’s Payment Institution S.A. representatives and ask them to send the desired amount of money, stating the destination of the money transfer order, “country” and will immediately inform you about the company’s services and the charges of each service provider.
Dog Payment Institution S.A. Services
– Money Transfer to a person “Cash to Cash”
– Bank account deposit “Cash to Bank”
– Receive Transaction “Receive Transaction”
– Bill payment “Payments”

Finding a dealer of Dog

Through the Dog’s Payment Institution S.A. website, you will find the nearest dealer point that can serve you.

Limits on remittances via Dog

– The money transfer limits vary depending on:
– The partner provider you choose
– The country to which you are sending money
– The history of the transfers you have made with Dog Payment Institution S.A. in the past Money transfer charges

You can find the charges and exchange rates “if there is currency change” of your money-transfer at the agent store before

Necessary documents for sending money

Fill out the application form at the nearest Dog’s Payment Institution S.A. agent. In order to send money you will need to provide information about yourself and the recipient of the money depending on the methods and money transfer services you choose.

Indicative elements that will be needed:
– Your identity card / passport / residence certificate etc. “You will be asked to show and, in many cases, you have to give photocopy a valid type of certificate issued to you by your country of residence, depending on the amount sent and the destination of the money transfer. You may also be asked for further certification information required for certain transactions “ex: residence status document or information about the country of birth, proof of permanent residence, etc.”
– The recipient’s name as shown in the official identity card.
– The recipient’s country and in some cases its full address. “In certain cases, additional information may be requested about the recipient.”

Necessary information’s/documents for receiving money.

Fill out the application form at the nearest Dog representative.
The representative will need from you:
– Your name and surname, as certified by the identification document you have with you (ex: identity card, passport) as well as home address, telephone number, etc. “The recipient of the money order is obliged to provide identification information depending on the service, the amount of shipment and the destination of the money transfer”
– The secret Reference Number which you have received from the sender as well as the company (provider) with which he sent you the money
– The full name of the sender
– The country of where the money has being send

Transfer money to a bank account

In order to send money to a bank account, the following information is required in addition to your personal information:
– From which country the money where send
– Bank Name
– Account Number & International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
– International Banking Identification Code (BIC) or Indian Financial System Code (IFSC)
– The sender’s money to a bank account is sent directly to the recipient’s bank account. “It is the responsibility of the recipient to comply with the provisions / requirements and policies of the country and his bank, so that he can receive the money.”

As a prerequisite for the provision of Dog’s Payment Institution S.A. money transfer services, you must be 18 years of age. “A valid certificate is required”